Gerald R. Kleinfeld

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Dr. Gerald R. Kleinfeld is a lecturer, consultant, and contractor in various fields relating to Europe, Germany and Austria, international relations, higher education, German Studies, organizational administration, and scholarly associations.

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Recent Major Project: German Studies Association, Executive Director
Dr. Kleinfeld retired as Executive Director of the GSA, which he founded and led for twenty-nine years. His experience is available for other projects.

GSA is the association of scholars on Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It holds an annual conference, publishes a scholarly journal and a newsletter, and conducts various other educational activities relevant to its main themes.

Dr. Kleinfeld organized the Annual Conference of the GSA for 29 years. It is the largest meeting on German and Austrian affairs, politics, and culture anywhere in the world, with an average attendance of 750. Leading figures of all German and Austrian political parties regularly participate. At meetings in Washington, D.C., the Ambassadors of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland also attend. The GSA Conference is the most influential gathering of its kind, and has representation from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, other European countries, as well as Australia (where a similar organization has now recently been founded), New Zealand, and elsewhere in Asia. Dr. Kleinfeld has also recently organized the Association's expanded contacts in Central and Eastern Europe. He has negotiated the affiliation of the Association with the British Association for German Politics, and has lectured frequently in the United Kingdom on German politics.

In acknowledgement of his work in German-American relations, a Festschrift was published in his honor, edited by the President of the University of Hildesheim.